Pablo's projects, works and ideasstuff

Hello, I'm Pablo

  1. A tech enthusiast, that is always reading about new technologies and trying to get some spare time to check them out.
  2. A web developer because I can't image anything that is not connected.
  3. A full stack developer because I like to know everything that is used in a project, from the database to the user interface.
  4. A Java fan from its birth, I've been working with this lovely language from 1995 and I have used it in almost any of its different flavors (JSE, JEE, JME).
  5. A mobile fanatic, never a device evolved so fast and have so may things to try (WAP, JME, Symbian, Android , iOS, BlackBerry, Tizen, Firefox Os, Asha, WindowsPhone).


I like to talk with others about technology related things, so if you have questions about Java, JavaScript, HTML5, ... or if you need a collaborator in a project, or just talk, feel free to contact me.


You share a map with your friends in order to get located.


A technology that allows you to transfer content from browser to mobile via bluetooth. It uses JavaScript and an applet to work.


First Spanish portal for Java micro edition developers.

Web Games

Development of web games based on java applets.

Sailing Control

This a complete platform for yatch clubs and federations, that provides all the tools that they could need.
  1. Scoring service
  2. Rankings
  3. Tracking races with different tipes of deveices
  4. Race visualization (2D, 3D)


It is a platform for management of adds proofs in written press. Nowadays we manage most of the newspapers in Spain.

Voice Services

It was a high availability VoiceXML voice service platform , based on the HP OpenCall Services.

Wap Emulator

Design and development of an application for the BSCH bank for learning how to use the web browser of a mobile device, a wap emulator.

Wap Emulator

Wap emulator for Cocotero Networks. Used by Amena(Orange) and Airtel(Vodafone).

Framework Monitor

A service for developers where you can subscribe to get notifications about the new versions of the frameworks you use, so you can stay up to date in you projects.


The idea is to build multiple versions of a basic web app with all the possible Java Frameworks.